Hillary McBride

You Bully!

Proud to call him Brother!

Here’s the thing folks…we can be the biggest and baddest bullies to ourselves when we choose to be.  Our minds and words are more powerful than we give them credit for.  We speak what we believe and, when we do, those words manifest themselves in our lives.  I remember running…

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Comparison and cement!


By now we should ALL be able to admit that we compare ourselves from time to time. Just like guilt steals our joy, comparison is a cousin to guilt. Comparing who we are, our gifts, talents, our stories, our relationships…they all fall into that net that we so easily can…

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I need, I want…


Many (or few) of you that are reading my blog probably know by now that I am a newly married woman and I like to be transparent in what I write… Hopefully to encourage others. Well, it is a gorgeous Sunday here in Nashville and boy is it easy to take the…

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Guilt…. The ultimate thief.

Guilt....The ultimate thief

Guilt is a something we all carry from time to time.. Let’s face it, we all burden that weight on our back whether we admit it or not. It’s that late night piece of cake we couldn’t resist, or the flash-back thoughts we had of an ex run through our…

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